Friday, September 11, 2009

Ipe Deck with Outdoor Shower and Inset Stone

This deck makes a perfect outdoor grilling and lounging area. Equipped with a luxurious outdoor shower, it makes it easy to cool off in the summertime.

The rooftop garden features a series of low-voltage LED lights that run along the edge of the upper and lower decks creating a dramatic effect at night. The lights are inset into the ipe boards so that the surface is completely smooth.

All of the ipe was milled to precise widths to ensure that the removable decking sections would line up perfectly. Below is a view of the elevated train through beach grass. The custom planter boxes are painted to compliment the steel railing behind and are created at various heights to mirror the surrounding cityscape.

Rooftop Terrace Overlooking the East River

This penthouse terrace is wrapped in custom ipe planter boxes to create an idyllic environment overlooking the East River.

Every corner on this project features 45 degree miters with hidden splines glued into the seam. This creates the cleanest attainable look with the strongest possible joint.

Below is an example of a "butt-joint", which still looks very handsome, but the seams are visible.

The boxes include an ipe base that has been contoured to follow the sloping angle of the tile deck.

The whole project compliments the stunning view of the East River.

Solid Maple Sliding Doors with Frosted Glass

This project created a private office in the corner of an open bedroom, also making an elegant transition between the rest of the house and the client's bedroom. The doors are made of solid maple and mounted to the ceiling with hidden whisper-quiet ball-bearing guides.

The inset windows are frosted safety glass which creates a glowing effect when sunlight hits them from behind. The overall affect is one of tranquility and peace-of-mind.

Below is the hidden office space with maple shelves and cabinets.