Friday, January 30, 2009

Walnut Kitchen Cabinets and Transforming Dining Table

This project not only included a complete set of custom solid walnut kitchen cabinetry (notice the continuous wood grain across the cabinet faces), but a specialty furniture project in the dining room.

During the day, the solid walnut dining room table and benches serve as a beautiful showpiece for guests, while at night the table collapses to the height of the benches, creating a secret guest bed for friends or family.

Backyard Meditation Garden: Bamboo and Brazilian Walnut

This backyard garden fence was made using black bamboo and ipe. It is a rather complicated fabrication process to combine the bamboo poles with the flat ipe boards, but when completed it created one of our most unique environments.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Park Slope Garden and Planters: Ipe and Brick

This backyard garden in Park Slope consists of a a handsome ipe fence with cap, in front of a brick and stone planter system. The garden was designed by Timothy Osborne of The Organic Gardener NYC.

This aerial shot also shows off the opposing wall and the set of ipe furniture that we fabricated for the garden, including a curved ipe bench.

Wedding Arbors: Rental and Fabrication

City Beautiful Carpentry can rent you a beautiful custom wedding arbor for your event. Our carpenters will assemble the piece on site, and remove it once the event is over. This handsome piece is made of cedar with detail in Brazilian walnut.
You can also talk to us about having your own custom arbor built for your special day. Following the event, City Beautiful will consult with you on how to incorporate your arbor into your home following the wedding.
Options for a custom wedding arbor include:
  • Choice of any domestic or exotic wood
  • Design to fit your aesthetic
  • Consultation on the symbolic properties of your wood and design choices
  • Option to embed a time capsule into the posts of the arbor
Give us a call for a meeting.

Gary- 917-679-3572

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Herringbone Roof Deck- West Village

Herringbone describes a distinctive V-shaped weaving pattern usually found in twill fabric. The pattern is called herringbone because it looks like the skeleton of a herring fish. The picture below shows the final deck for a rooftop deck in the West Village of Manhattan.

Here is an example of Herringbone fabric, the inspiration for this design.
We also built this air-conditioner cover (left below) and the wide staircase leading to a lower , smaller deck. The detail at the corners of the trim on the deck follow their own herringbone pattern. The deck was also created using a minimum of visible screws, so City Beautiful engineered a decking system that fit together with hidden catches and tabs.

As you can see below, we created sample pieces out of plywood to test our system before fabricating the final deck out of ipe. We also assembled the entire deck in our Red Hook shop to be sure that the system worked before we transported them to the client's home.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Cypress Fence in Brooklyn

The Cypress tree grows mainly along the southern coastlines and inland areas. The tree produces an oil called cypressine which acts as a natural preservative within the wood. This inherent characteristic of the Southern Cypress makes it durable and extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions, insects and fungus.

Since Cypress wood lacks sap and doesn't bleed, it takes well to sealers, stains and paints. Its color varies in shades of light to dark honey. If left outdoors unfinished in its natural state, the appearance of the wood will become a light pewter color over time.

Urban Rock Garden and Ipe Fence