Monday, January 19, 2009

Wedding Arbors: Rental and Fabrication

City Beautiful Carpentry can rent you a beautiful custom wedding arbor for your event. Our carpenters will assemble the piece on site, and remove it once the event is over. This handsome piece is made of cedar with detail in Brazilian walnut.
You can also talk to us about having your own custom arbor built for your special day. Following the event, City Beautiful will consult with you on how to incorporate your arbor into your home following the wedding.
Options for a custom wedding arbor include:
  • Choice of any domestic or exotic wood
  • Design to fit your aesthetic
  • Consultation on the symbolic properties of your wood and design choices
  • Option to embed a time capsule into the posts of the arbor
Give us a call for a meeting.

Gary- 917-679-3572


  1. amazing arbors and the color is so unique . hope to have one of this perfect to my garden and adding my garden wind spinner absolutely fantastic!

  2. Very elegant! We love the look of Garden Arbors and also have one as the focal point to our outdoor space. Looking at the Arbor makes everything else in our garden pop out and look amazing. Try the same company we bought ours from, we had a very good experience and are very happy.

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