Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Coney Island Ipe' Fence and Trellis

If you read the previous post, we mentioned a fence made from reclaimed Coney Island Ipe. Well, here, you can see it and its matching trellis. If you are interested in consulting with us regarding a project using reclaimed lumber, feel free to contact us at


  1. Fences look very good, and add to the beauty of house.

  2. Very interesting application of former materials for a fence; the closest that I've yet seen involved old railroad ties arranged in what appeared to be a highly-involved game of Jenga. Of course, it couldn't feign a trellis for the life of it, but it was a nice attempt indeed.

  3. He is also rather pleased with his latest effort to represent the boundary along the uphill platform at Beddgelert.steel fence posts

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