Friday, February 20, 2009

Furniture: Outdoor and Indoor

City Beautiful creates all kinds of custom furniture for the finest interiors and the lushest gardens. We can also fix and refinish antique pieces that have fallen into disrepair.

Below is a walnut dining room table that also transforms into a guest bed. You'll have to call us for a description of how that happens, but trust us, it's a transformer.

The wrought iron on this bench is nearly 200 years old, and the original teak was ravaged by weather and time. We made an exact copy of the original wooden slats and gave this amazing antique (and it's identical partner) a new lease on life.The coffee table below is an example of a more modern design. We can work with your designer, or we can help you design a custom piece yourself.

We can make any kind of furniture for outdoor settings, but the 2 images below are examples of furniture that has been integrated into a larger fence and garden design. This ipe set turned the extensive brickwork into a lounge area.And the BBQ table and bench (below) is also a storage cabinet. By lifting the bench seat, the client can access all of their gardening tools and BBQ equipment.

Below is an ipe slatted bench and fence project.


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