Saturday, January 17, 2009

Herringbone Roof Deck- West Village

Herringbone describes a distinctive V-shaped weaving pattern usually found in twill fabric. The pattern is called herringbone because it looks like the skeleton of a herring fish. The picture below shows the final deck for a rooftop deck in the West Village of Manhattan.

Here is an example of Herringbone fabric, the inspiration for this design.
We also built this air-conditioner cover (left below) and the wide staircase leading to a lower , smaller deck. The detail at the corners of the trim on the deck follow their own herringbone pattern. The deck was also created using a minimum of visible screws, so City Beautiful engineered a decking system that fit together with hidden catches and tabs.

As you can see below, we created sample pieces out of plywood to test our system before fabricating the final deck out of ipe. We also assembled the entire deck in our Red Hook shop to be sure that the system worked before we transported them to the client's home.


  1. That's roof deck looks so nice. I bet it's a nice area to set up an urban rooftop garden. It can also be a homeowner's place to read a book or entertain guests. Aside from enhancing a home's aesthetics, roof decks also add value to your home.

    -Richard Boles

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