Friday, February 20, 2009

Planter Boxes and Storage Cabinets

We offer a complete selection of planter boxes and custom storage cabinets. We build using all types of wood including ipe and cedar. All of our planter boxes are made with marine-grade plywood and are lined with roof-grade rubber. All exposed edges are treated and painted, which insures they will last longer than any other wooden boxes that you can find.

This is a selection of trash cabinets from various parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan. The one below is made from ipe, which we showcase the different shades of the wood in the continuous stripe pattern of the doors.
Ipe is strong and resilient to the weather, and if treated properly can last more than 15 years.

All of our planter boxes are built with adequate drainage, so that the plants will thrive, and water will move easily out of the box, preventing rot.


  1. Just the right size for smaller garden settings; the Watering Can Planter is part of our Garden Planters Collection. Whether filled with your favorite garden blooms; or placed empty out on a garden wall; this lovely; cast stone planter will add charm and grace to your outdoor decor.

    * Shown in the ALPINE STONE (AS) patina (color); the Watering Can Planter is available in your choice of classic and distinct patinas; each applied by hand. Click to see the planter color choices.
    * Durably constructed of high-quality fiber-reinforced cast stone concrete; the Watering Can Planter is designed to last a lifetime.
    * There is no substitute for luxury home and garden decor. Our pieces provide value pricing; premium materials; unique designer detail; and superior craftsmanship. All of our Campania International planters are manufactured entirely in the USA. Garden Planters

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